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Cervical fusion pain

Started by christopherhawley on 07/14/2019 5:37pm

Since 2015 til my surgery date of May 22, 2019 I suffered from what I understand herniated disks and spinal compression of c3 - c7. After the conservative treatment, the pain only worsened and I chose to get an anterior cervical fusion c3/7 with a plate on May 22, 2019, Before surgery I had right and left side neck pain -Upper and lower back pain and right shoulder and left and right arm pain, burning and numbness. and on average the pain level was about a 7 - 10

Immediately after the surgery and up to today July 14, 2019, I am experiencing severe pain and burning on both arms which average a pain level with meds a 9 -Pain is experienced also when extending, reaching and lifting of the arms and I also have a leftside weakness.

Through my post op visits now 2 of them the doctor seems to have no answer to my pain and continues to switch up the meds for he does not want me taking ibuprofen (which is the only thing that seems to work. A total of 800mg x 3/day). I did not wear a neck collar for recovery (was told that was old school). My doctor had prescribed PT which really aggravated the conditions and brought my pain level to an out of control 10++++. My doctor leads me to beleive he does not know what is going on and why this is happening and or this is all normal? after surgery I was lucky with no surgical site pain at all, no neck pain but excruciating throat pain which has now lead to a feeling of something stuck in my throat and catching food at times which the doctor said is normal. I am at a loss, no energy or motivation to get out of the house and now worried for I return to work August 1, 2019, which at this point I know I cannot do. I am ready to seek the advice of pain management. Any suggestions and or thoughts? I thank you in advance.

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I am 7 months post op now, mine was only one level C5/C6. I know what your going through I had similar burning sensation worse than my pre-surgery symptoms. All I got reply from doctor was it would take atleast 3 months to get the pain level in control. I feel better than the initial months now.PT is the worse it even flared up me and I did stick only to regular walking ! your just two months have patience and always have hope.


Hi I am new member. I had decompression and a fusion on April 23 2019. on my neck I have had a dreadful time. I was given kettamine which led to me having two days of hallucinations I was in intensive care two days the high dependency for further eight days. I am worried as now have very bad tingling all over . I have at times extra tingling in left arm and hand goes numb for short time. I am so worried that operation has made me worse,has anyone suffered anything similar.i was hoping this is temporary as tingling is so bad .I do hope someone can tell me I do not see consultant until 6 months from operation as it has healed on outside but not on inside. I was never given a collar to wear. Thank you for any help.


Hi Mistylee,

I'm stunned that you had surgery in April but don't have follow up appointment until October?? I would think continued pain, numbness in your arms should have REALLY tapered off in July. I had my disc fusion surgery 24 days ago. I'm still having pain in my arms but as of 2 days ago the pain at least quit getting worse.

A number of people, including my doctor, explained the my nerves were compressed for a long time and are currently re-awakening. However? It I'm still having severe pain in my arms after 6 weeks from surgery we'll do more imaging to see what's going on.

In my opinion after this long you might want to speak up before October.

I truly relate to you and know the pain can take its toll. I'm praying for you!!


My DX was Spinal Stenosis, ,pinched nerve, herniated disc, a fractured vertebrae and spinal cord impingement. My Surgeon said the fall caused the issues and/or escalated them and has recommended ACDF surgery C4,5,6 &7 so, I am scheduled for Sept 17,2019. It will be done as inpatient since I have a lot of issues with pain meds causing severe itching and hallucinations and I have asthma. I’m not looking forward to the surgery but, then again 7 weeks stuck in the bed, not driving not going anywhere and had to cancel my vacation & was also unable to evacuate for hurricane Dorian. I am scared to death of the surgery and I am so angry that someone else’s carelessness has caused me so much pain and suffering, all they had to do was pick the leaves up when they brought the carts back in. When you sit plants in the floor you have to be aware of the leaking water & leaves falling off. Anything I should know about the surgery before hand and my biggest concern is how did you sleep with the hard brace around your neck? Should I get a certain type of pillow? How bad are the headaches after the surgery? Has anyone else had a broken vertebrae along with the other issues?


PLEASE READ article if pain continues over a year. As how long my doctor said it takes for new bone to grow with the fusion. My was a reconstruction from a collapsed first surgery. Hardware still in body. Hence the article. I also understand no cervical collars are used anymore.