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2nd ACDF surgery so soon after 1st?

Started by skip2mylou711 on 08/19/2019 11:39pm

I had ACDF C4-6 in May 2019. Had symptoms for nearly 2 years including severe left elbow pain, painful tingling in all of my fingers no matter what I did. I had to sleep flat so my arm would stay awake. Since the surgery, 98% of the pain in my elbow is gone, no pain in my neck on the left side but I do have complete numbness in my left forearm, about a 3-4" strip. My doctor is a neurosurgeon & said I had quite a bit of bone spurs on the right side & he cleaned both sides during surgery.

I had surgery on a Tuesday & did well with the pain. I woke up that Friday morning in severe pain & have said since then that something isn't right. I felt like I slept wrong but it has only gotten worse. I had a follow-up at 3 weeks & reported (told it was normal pain, also numbness under chin is being reported as normal). 6 weeks post op I had xrays done prior to the appointment; however my appointment got canceled due to an emergency with another patient. Nurse called the next day saying xrays look great, I reported the pain again. She said up to 3 months it is normal, but due to them being booked out she would go ahead & schedule another follow-up. I went on the 3 month anniversary of my surgery. Doctor ordered another MRI, says he thinks I've blown more discs with my symptoms. I can feel the pinch on the right side & some days I struggle to hold my head up. The headaches are INSANE & come and go out of nowhere. MRI got moved out 3 weeks due to stupid insurance precerts...

The doctor did say it was almost assured I would have another surgery....eventually, due to causing more pressure above & below my plate, but he even said he thought it would be years.

HAS ANYONE ELSE NEEDED A 2ND SURGERY SO SOON AFTER THEIR 1ST? I cant work a regular job as I have to be able to sit/stand/lie down at my leisure due to the pain. Filing for disability is a joke...tell me I need to go to pain management & see all these doctors to prove what an MRI will show. I hate pain meds but at this point tylenol doesnt do the trick & I still cant take ibuprofen.

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