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should i consider surgery for L5/S1 etc

Started by doortag4 on 10/05/2019 11:37am

I have both cervical and lumbar issues going on ive seen otho, chiro, pain, you name it for last several years, years ago they wanted to put cage in lumber for instability issue but at the time i refused dur to financial reasons , fear , and no one to help me during the long recovery time. i chose ice more ice pt chiropractor hanging yoga repeat repeat repeat over the years extremely weakness is a constant thing in lower half of body and a constant feeling of being badly bruised across lower back/waist horrible burning , long story short becoming more and more dependent on others and having a poor quality of life like so many other people w spinal issues and pain. my area of most concern is L5/S1 results are severe narrowing of L5-S1 disc phenomenon seen which has progressed , vacuum phenomenon present, bilateral L5 spondylolysis ssen with 5mm grade 1 spondylolisthesis also has increased, congenital spinal bifids occula at L5 unchanged. i noticed the slippage is pretty minimal but there really no disc left at all you can see its bone on bone is surgery worth doing considering all the risk involved.

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If you are located in the SF Bay Area I highly recommend the specialist I have been seeing he completely changed my life after seeing the similar list of specialists you've given above, and then having surgery after none of them worked.

If not, I recommend looking into someone who practices ROLFing. They aren't even close to all the same level but if you find someone that practices advanced work and can help you identify how to correct the things in your life causing the symptoms you need to try this before going with surgery.