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C4-C7 ACDF PAIN weeks after surgery

Started by Raza2009 on 04/20/2020 9:58pm

i, Im a 53y female..i had C4-C7 ACDF surgery 7 weeks ago and tho I feel a little better than I did prior to the surgery. I am now experiencing radiating pain from the left side of my neck all the way down to my knee which is also achey as well...Has anyone that had this surgery experienced this and if so how did you work through waking up and going to bed with different levels and types of pain all day. I have kept within the lifting weight limits and if I get fatigued I take breaks but this is new for the pain to be a total body issue.

I also have nerve root issues in my lumbar spine and I am afraid the two areas are fighting for body space to overlap pain.

What are your thoughts?

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