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Posted in: Chronic pain.

Addisive Arachnoiditis and Cardia Equina Syndrome

Started by tennised on 09/08/2020 7:59am

I was diagnosed with AA and CES in 2010 following 3 spinal fusions, decompression surgery, rest ruction surgery all due to nerve root a L5 being trapped inside the disc which couldn’t be seen on MRI. Problems with L3 which resulted in a spinal bleed at L3. and a stroke with a clot being left following surgery. 2010 Spinal pain and intense burning feet like I was walkimg on burning coals and had severe difficulty in passing urine. Following a 10 week period in hospital was finally diagnosed with AA and CES.

Since then my bladder had to be removed due to a neuropathic bladder, from nerve damage. ChronicFatigue Syndrome, managing the pain from AA and CES. with cocktail of prescription drugs, swimming& Pilates until I have a’ Flare Up where I struggle to manage the pain.

This flare up I am in the sixth week, I can’t get the pain under control. I am on MST, Pregabalin, Diclofenic, Arthrmmerson and sevrodol for break through pain. I’ve stopped using the sevrodol unless at night for sleeping because it doesn’t help the pain it scrambles my head. Currently the pain level goes between 6-10. 6 if I’m lying on my side and 10 if I’m on my feet, walking standing.
It is like an egg timer of 3 minutes, my lower spine can’t take the weight of my upper body and the longer I’m standing the pain is burning L4 and thumping and thumping harder going down the lumber, and increased nerve pain down both of legs into feet and ankles. Soles of both feet are burning.

Where do I go from here?

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