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What is so bad about laminoplasty?

Started by rjoe630 on 07/11/2010 7:43pm

Hi. I have DDD and stenosis from C3 to C7 with nerve root and spinal cord compression.
I've been to 4 doctors so far in the New York area, some from well known and prestigious
hospitals associated with NY and all of them want to do some sort of fusion surgery,
either a laminectomy or ACDF. When I ask about laminoplasty they either refuse to do it
or tell me about the drawbacks associated with it, such as instability. I've read nothing
but great reviews and results from laminoplasty but these doctors (even ones who know
how to do it) don't like to do it. What's the problem? You would think that in NY I'd be able
to find at least one out 4 willing to do a laminoplasty. What gives? Any insight on this would
be appreciated. Thanks.

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I read on another forum that surgeons in the US avoid laminoplasty and this procedure is more common in Asia. Not sure why, I'll probably fish for more info.


Thanks. I've read about American surgeons performing this procedure but all of the ones I saw had complaints about it. I don't know why because it looks like a good alternative, especially if it's done without fusion.