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Newbie DDD

Started by 4lilmonkeys on 08/03/2010 7:18pm

I have been seeing my Spine Dr. since Jan 10. Had neck issues going back years. My primary would prescribe muscle relaxers, anti inflams, and maybe some PT. Now its constant pain in neck to shoulder and down the blade. Done the oral steroids. PT 3 X week to build up core. 1 Cervical epidural which last 1 week before pain came back.. I am a 52 y/o very active mom with 4 very active teens! I push myself to get things done then I'm in bed, propped up on pillows with ice paks and vicodin. My Dr. is waiting for my decision on having an Aterior Cervical Diskectomy and fusion with plate and cages!! This scares the crap out of me so would like anyones feed back who has been involved with this type of surgery.

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