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Trying to Find the right Doctor in Pennsylvania

Started by wgc517 on 09/20/2010 6:30pm

It looks like I will have to have one of the following surgeries to resolve my pain, Foraminotomy, Laminotomy or Percutaneous Discectomy and I was wondering if anyone had had a similar surgery and used someone in Pennsylvania. I am about an hour from Phildelphia so I was thinking the Univ of Penn. I also heard of a Dr JHO from Pittsburgh who is suppose to be really good. If anyone can give me some insight it would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.

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** I cannot comment on the specific surgeries / procedures you might need, but I went and got a second opinion at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia [associated with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital], and had a very good experience there. [My primary point of care is a large university hospital in Maryland.] (I went to King of Prussia location, which might be closer to you.) I was seen by the president of the Institute (Dr. Albert - does ortho & neurosurg/ spine surgery), and was very pleased with the time he took to answer my questions and the questions of other people with me. My case is not straightforward, and he ended up suggesting that I look into other neurologic issues first, get those sorted out and then consider coming back once things got sorted out on that other front. I felt he cared about getting my health sorted out safely and appropriately, not just doing an expensive surgery that was a huge deal for me though 'easy and routine' for him [anterior c-spine 2-level disectomy, fusion]. I was comfortable with him to the point that I'd have considered going back to him if I were having the surgery, even though it's out of state for me and less convenient. I really respected the fact that he wasn't sure how much of a difference surgery would make to my function and said so when I asked.
* I'd suggest researching neuro / orthopedic & checking with a source like US News and World Report; U Penn will be good, Rothman / Jefferson is good.
* Wishing you comfort and health and a safe and comfortable recovery. All the best to you-- BrachialPlexus+CpineGal. :)


Please get in touch with Dr Richard Spiro, he is the chief neurosurgeon at UPMC in Pittsburgh.
I had cervical fussion (C3-C5) in '93, and in december '09 started to loose control of my arms, and after 3 neurosurgeons in florida, no one wanted to touch me, but found about Dr Spiro, and whent to Pittsburgh and after a new MRI he did my surgery 8/2/10, Im getting better and Dr Spiro is the only Dr.
who whent out of his way to help me.The info is:
Mindy Flynn
Clinical Secretary for Richard M. Spiro, MD
Chief Spine Surgery
Department of Neurosurgery
UPMC-Presbyterian Hospital
200 Lothrop Street
Suite B-400
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: 412-802-8010
Fax: 412-647-1778
Hope it hepls you, good luck