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60 years with degenerative disc disease - what's the future?

Started by jens1 on 01/29/2011 3:54pm

After a year of sciatic pain, a specialist has finally labelled me with DDD at L5/S1. But at the age of 32, I'm wondering what the likely changes are over the next 50-70 years I'll have to live with this. The websites are full of exercises and surgical options, but none seem to talk about the long term prognosis. Can anyone advise? Particularly on the following - my disc currently irritates the nerve to my left leg. Is it likely to move to the right? Are the symptoms in mg leg likely to progress over time, even if I keep up the exercises and keep off the weight? Are other discs in my back likely to become affected over time? Am I likely to suffer acute flare ups even whilst doing the exercises? Are there any exercises or sports that I should particularly avoid?
Many thanks for any help - from someone who is at least grateful to the gabapentin for the help in sitting at the computer, but who wonders how best to get through the rest of life...

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