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so sick of not knowing

Started by diabao 54 on 03/10/2011 4:56pm

i I began having trouble with my right foot it just felt weird then my ankle knee hip it all just crept up then my balance so i go to doctor he says spinal alignment go to chiropracter helps smoe makes sense he tells me what he sees what it all affects but have to stop due to insurance mix up now going to neurologist had mri of lumbar spine neck brain nerve reaction test blood test still waiting am told have arthritus in spine bulging disk degenerative disk im rambeling yes but need to vent it keeps comong back to square one i hurt have realy bad balance leg and toe cramps but they keep telling me the things related to my back shouldnt cause the problems am i crazy or what i think my spine has a lot to do with it i feel like crap and want to get better what can i do now i also have weakness in my right hand and some bladder control loss

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Hi diabao54,
Just curious,was it the neurologist or the chiropractor who told you it has nothing to do with your back,wow,i am shocked.I have everything you just described and it all started with a traumatic injury that injured my L5-S1,and C6-C7 disks.I am a little concerned about the bladder control loss,that is not a good sign but since you said you are seeing a neurologist and waiting on test results hopefully he will pinpoint which disks are causing the nerve impingement .I am sorry you are going through all this ,i had chiropractic care,spinal decompression.everything you can think of,it is all temporary.My leg has gotten really bad,i am finally having back surgery in 2 weeks.Hang in there,be your own patient advocate,don't give up until you have real answers,only you really know your body.I will say a prayer for you.
Nurse Nancy in pain


I just wanted to add make sure you see a neurosurgeon or orthosurgeon too after you get your MRI results.


I suffered from Degenerative Disc Disease at L5/S1 for 7 years....the only remedy anyone doc ever communicated to me was the good ole "fusion". From the research I conducted, I knew I would be better off doing nothing than getting a fusion of the largest disc in the back. So, I went on the internet, and researched "disc replacement". To make a long story short, I had my disc replaced 3 weeks ago at Cedar Sinai hospital (L.A.). I walked 1 1/5 miles yesterday. My back is healing, I am 80% pain free, and am confident I will be completely pain free with another week or so. I became familiar wiith two "synthetic disc" products that are currently on the market. The 1st product is called the "Pro Disc", and is manufacturred by Synthes. The Pro Disc is FDA approved. There is a newer product on the market called the "Freedom Disc" manufactured by Axiomed. The Freedom Disc is in the trial stage. I was fortunate enough to qualify for the trial, and had the Freedom Disc surgery. I can not explain how much my health has improved in just three weeks. Stay away from fusions in the lower lumbar. They limit your mobility, and invevitably cause other discs below and above to degenerate, making it necessary to have additional surgeries down the road.....Mike