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C-5 and C-6 Narrowing, .DDD. 32 yrs old

Started by 100002222460291... on 06/29/2011 11:01am

I stared to notice neck pain about 6 months ago. At first I thought I slept wrong. The pain feel like it would almost go away. And I would wake up one moring and it was back!! I will call them flare ups bc thats what it feels like to me. With each flare up i noticed more pain, and more systoms. It had moved to my shoulder, then a shooting pain would wrap around my shoulder blade and musle spams. The next pain started in the arm pit, and went down my arm. Then on both sides inside and outside of my arm. And still all the other pains were still there. It feels like an radiating, electrical pain shocking me, going one to the other. So Friday I woke up and had been in the worst pain or flare up ever. Took my advil and musle relaxer but found NO help in those. I tried to sleep that nite and couldnt, my back would get so tight and the musle spasms and pain would not allow me to sleep. when I somehow got out of the bed I cried and went to the ER. Only to find out I have Narrowing Of C-5 and C-6. and this was where the pain was coming from. The Dr. told me it never goes away, and will contine to get worst. I am in the process of the next steps with the Drs. I was reading through some of the comments and saw where someone w the simaliar condition said it will get better soon? Is this only for some and not for others. Or just two diffrent opinion. Mine has been way longer. If you have this or know something about it, I would greatly appreciate your respone to anything you know about it.

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