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Severe nerve pain left arm/hand immed post op C7 T1 microdicsectomy

Started by Suzyparker on 07/09/2011 3:32pm

C7 T1 microdiscectomy/foraminotomy 6/30/11. That night (approx 4 hrs post op), severe L arm/hand pain..like my arm in a furnace...burning. Never had this kind of pain EVER. After 2 separate medical opinions..C8 nerve root severely compressed about 6 months..have pics. Started 9 day Presdnisone taper and perhaps slowly decreased neuropathy, but difficult to tell at just 1 week post op. Anyone had this happen before. This is 3rd cervical surgery (from getting rear ended 20 yrs ago). I'm RN x 29 yrs. I've done (and still do) Massage, Accupunture, Naturopathic medicine. Now with pain specialist working with neurosurgeon. Want to finish my career..have about 10 yrs to go..kinda scared at this point. Any feedback, suggestions, support would help. Thank you.

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