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anterior & posterior cervicval decompression surgery

Started by ccboacat on 07/26/2011 11:59pm

I am an active 58 year old "girl"... . I have been on Parkinsons meds for 12 yeaars, so I have fluctuating " off " time, when pain is BAD
Today is week 7 post op.... rods and screws in 4-7 not sure, , vertebraes & disks, c 4,5,6,7.8, - t1... I have done well, not taking any pain meds, get tired easily... I am walking half mile or more,daiily, and light housechores. Every few days , I experience different feelings, some discomfort, tingling in my face, tightness in my back. I am beginning to feel the shoulder pain that had become excruiating before surgery.
WHAT can I expect in the next 4 weeks? will there be pain if the fusions don't heal right? or what do you feel when it is healing ok...,
I am having trouble with my voice, hoarse, scratchy throat, hard to understand, I had read that is happens sometimes when they stretch the nerve that supplies innervation to the vocal cords, and it might not function for several months.
I will do x rays in 4 weeks, so I have to wait a long time yet to see what it looks like now!
Any insights as to what expect... I will appreciate. cc

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