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Newbie on board

Started by bamcls on 10/19/2011 5:50am

Hello everyone, i have been reading up on this site and find it fabulous to share stories with many of you. Im excited and happy for those finding relief and hopeful for the ones who are still trying.. I was hoping I could get some advice, 9 months ago - i bent over and something happened in my back , i ended up in the ER - since then they have diagnosed me with Cervical radiculopathy , 3 bulging discs in my neck, bone spurs also in the cervical area and Degenerative Disc Disease, i have been thru 3 dr.'s and can get not ONE to MRI my back where alot of my pain is located, I have been thru physical therapy - and they are getting ready to do a cervical epidural injection, which i am leery about..also done chiropractic care, I am currently on Flexeril, but it doesnt seem to help much, the headaches and neck pain are unbearable some days, any advice out there ?
Thank you

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hi and welcome,
DiD they diagnose u after doing MRI in ER.?


thank you for your response, no they only did Xray's in the ER - a couple weeks later my right arm starting going numb, so they sent me for a MRI - that is when they found the rest of the issues.. and put me on Tramadol.. after that i tried chiropractic care , physical therapy at the RX of a Pain management specialist, then the horrid headaches started, so they prescribed Flexeril, not we are 9 months into this and the symptoms are increasing and the answers seem to be DE creasing.. the specialist recommended a neck fusion, but i wanted to make sure i had other options ? also no one has MRI'd my BACK ! i also was ordered to get cervical epidural injections which scare me to no end.. i go to meet with that Dr. on Thurs.. i hope he has some sort of answers, this will be my 8th dr. im so flustered at this point its just ridiculous...