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back pain

Started by hadenough123 on 07/08/2012 2:22pm

I fell in 93.I have suffered so much since then. My M.R.I findings were L3/L4 bulging disc,Facet Degeneration Hypertrophy-L4/L5:Bulging Disc.Facet Degeneration Hypertrophy,Foraminal Stenosis and more. The pain management doctor finding are documented lumbar disc displacement,lumbar degenerative disc disease, coccygodynia that come from me falling on my tail bone that caused a hair line fracture,cervical disc displacement and cervical degenerative disc diease. I have had for over 17 yrs cervical steroid injections percutaneous adhesiolysis treatments I was a work injury in a hospital but. No one will help me with my pain. I'm being told it's because of my age that I am suffering so much and that it's not from my injury. I have been suffering every since my fall....I have been told the nerve damanage is not severe enough for surgery. But in the mean time I'm all most in my bed all the time because of the back,hip,legs,and feet pain. Spams in my lower and upper back and spams in my legs and feet can't walk a block can't sat for long can't stand long for the pain. It is so hard to not be able to do any thing because of this pain I'm in all the time never a day are night go by with out suffering. And I'm tryed of it.... What else can I do besides leave this town so I can get the help I need. I went all the way to florida to get help...I could not afford the surgery that I needed to help my nerve damange. What else is left for me?

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hello had enough sorry your pain is so bad i dont know where you live i live in michigan and found a good dr. for me he did a tlif on my lumbarL1 thruL4 screws and rods stainless steel. i use to take vicoden dont no more i couldnt walk i walk all over i have some muscle pain and when i walk it goes away im 78%fused my surgeons name is dr. algren hes with beaumont hospitals.i had surgery nov 28th 2011 he says takes a good year to heal I broke my back when i was around 19 and they fixed that also. Im sorry to say b ut i feel anyone who has spine surgery isnt going to be 100% because of the fusion you should turn whole body same time but it would be wonderful if you could get rid of the large amount of pain and get off the strong drugs. good luck to you