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sciatica with degenerative disc and l5 with some other name that i dont understand

Started by julie77 on 03/10/2013 3:11pm

For years i have quietly suffered from a sore back but could run lift and do anything i wanted. I have recently approx a yr ago been getting worse, 7 yrs ago i had a non cancerous tumar removed from my lower back, which helped and my pain was gone until one morning i went to get out of bed and was litterely frozen in pain,it felt like an electric shock sent through my back ,bum and legs, it took me three hrs to actually get out of bed and go to hospital, every time i sat or lay down the pain kicked in and felt sickening. i was sent for a scan and was diagnosed with not one but 4 different things , ido not have health insurance but will be getting it as my pain is so bad i somedays walk with a cane if im lucky, ive lost jobs and am every day seem to be getting worse i am on a waiting list to see the nurosurgeon and finally will be in june but its now in my left leg ,i take tremedol, diazapan nordok and panadene forte and when that doesnt work i end up in hospital on morphine . Please someone tell me there going through the same, even the doctor told me my back is beyond repair and im so over being positive and hoping it gets better as it hasnt its been a yr now and getting worse

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