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My Scoliosis 37° & 30°

Started by 100001140787772... on 03/27/2014 10:58pm

Until recently I hadn't been to a doctor for 10 years. My back had two curves of 37° & 30°. It had progressed from 26° & 28°. I've went to a doctor recently because I've been having a lot more problems with my back, ribs, hip, shoulder, and neck. The doctors seem to almost blow me off. Even had one doctor tell me scoliosis shouldn't cause me problems at all. He was more worried because my blood pressure was a little high. These doctors don't seem to know much about scoliosis other than its a curvature of the spine. They gave me tramadol for the pain which doesn't help at all. What should I be given for pain? I know there's a big problem with people abusing pain medication. And doctors don't want to give narcotics. Do I have any other options? The pain is close to driving me insane! I'm dealing with the VA since I'm a veteran. Only choice I have since its free. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello, I can understand your frustration when you feel as if your medical condition is being ignored or taken to lightly. Would it be possible to go to a different VA clinic outside your area? You may have a different response from another VA physician. To find a Dr. that really understands scoliosis you would need to see an orthopedist that specializes in spinal conditions/ scoliosis. You can find those on Spineuniverse. You would have to do private pay if you do not have insurance but, maybe you could request your x-rays or report from the VA to take to eliminate having the cost of another x-ray. As far as the pain medication goes you will probably not find a physician to prescribe anything stronger than Tramadol because of the limitations on prescribing opiates now, unless you go to a pain intervention specialist . This mini booklet that you can read on the web may give you some options to help with pain. It's called What to do while looking for a good pain Dr. by Dr. Forest Tennant. Gives a lot of options to use to help with pain control.. Hope that this was of some help to you.