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Edema Plus- To exercise or not

Started by eathygirl on 08/02/2014 4:39pm

Hi, I'm 62, was told several years ago I have the bones of a 80 yr. old. I took several falls last summer and finally changed orthopedics who did an MRI and I have Bone Marrow Edema at multiple levels of the lumbar, moderate to severe left nueral foraminall narrowing at L 3 & 4, most discs are bulging, anterior flattening of thecal sac at L2 & 3 with small extrusion extending superiorly. The day of my followup my dog & I were attacked so I was still in shock from that and couldn't really think when the dr. said about surgery. I asked if any alternatives. He said the shots and PT. The attack seemed to help something in my back but I still have R buttock pain, very weak legs and can't sit very long. I had to quit mowingin the spring and just lay most of the time.
I read a lot on the edema and am confused about what action to take. Wouldn't the PT make things worse and do you do the shots first then PT. I hear people that do it both ways? Just walking the dog is quite uncomfortable afterwards but then again I also have a very bad knee. I had 3 lipomas removed near my spine in 2005 and wonder if edema could be more lipomas or does an MRI show the difference? Another question is, I can barely walk in the morning till after a bowel movement & does that indicate I may have a bowel tumor or something or is it normal? Lastly, I have been icing the back but now I feel I should go with heat or nothing. I do use a tense unit at times when the buttock pain is bad and again, wonder if that isn't doing more harm than good. Is there anything to make the edema go away quicker that I should try and would heat more than ice do better?
I really would appreciate your help and think it's a shame to have to come on line to get questions answered that dr.s won't give you time to ask or won't tell you about alternaties to surgery. Thank You,

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