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L5 S1-S2 nerve impingement

Started by 1651005246@facebook on 08/11/2014 5:56am

Can this type of nerve impingement cause urinary & bowel issues? Such as hard to urinate and constipation? Anyone having these issues? I'm having a transforaminal nerve block next week and CAN NOT wait! I've had quite a few nerve blocks and 2 have worked but the others no relief. I understand how these blocks aren't just therapeutic but doctors use them to diagnose where exactly the problem is. I think they've finally found the area of problems for me. I had a pelvic MRI to look at my sacral area of the spine. I haven't seen the results but the doctors see something in that area. Don't remember what he said but I'm calling today to get a copy of the MRI results.

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