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Hardware in L5S1 and L3-4 after spinal fusion then encountered neuropathy

Started by 100000604124408... on 11/18/2014 6:49pm

I had an ALIF in L5S1 ans L3-4 all in one surgery in 2005. After 3 month checkup the L5S1 fusion was loose and screw in front was coming out. Surgeon removed screw and flipped me over only to put metal and screws on each side of the L5S1 fusion to hold in place. After the metal I was not the same as I lost my reflex in my right knee and my back was tender to the touch on my left side of back. I weathered years of pain management and find that an emg in 2012 showed signs of diffuse mild to moderate peripheral motor-sesory neuropathy. More importantly that there were signs of impressive impairment of L5/S1 nerve roots with the left side more affected than right. Just after that emg I was noticing more and more odd feelings of like I am walking with bubble wrap on the bottoms of my feet and flet like my feet were blowing up inside my shoe with no swelling whatsoever getting worse and worse. I believe when they put the screws and metal in the s1 fusion that it has been damaging or inmpairing my nerve roots in s1 steadily. I am wondering if anyone knows if the removal of the screws would help? I have also had a couple epiderals as well......

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