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Started by DMerlin on 10/27/2015 11:37am

I am scheduled for a Lumbar Facet Rhizotomy in two weeks, will I still be a canidate for NS?

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I'm not a doctor, just a patient that has a ns and it has been in place for over 3 years. It can be a pain in the rear because of charging since it's on 24/7. I had surgery just over a month ago L4-S1 with fusion and instrumentation. Since my surgery was in the Lumbar region we decided to leave the NS in place if possible. It was possible because the stimulator leads aren't implanted in the lower Lumbar region, but at L2 level, with the wires just under the skin going to the battery located just at the top of my right butt cheek. So when I said charging can be a pain in the rear, I mean it....lol!
In my opinion, I don't see why they can't implant a NS in your case. But, I'm wondering why you will need it after surgery? I elected to keep mine in to help with pain during my healing process since they were grafting bone during surgery and I knew that it would hurt like hell for a while and then later after I healed up, cut the wires and pull the battery out. My surgery was successful to a point. Dr. was able to pull me back into a grade 1 spondylolithesis (where I started 10 yrs ago) from a grade 3 spondy. I am still experiencing nerve pain, but it is to be expected for a while. The NS does help with the pain to a point and I will have pain and nerve problems for the rest of my life because of the grade 1 spondylolithesis. Doc did a great job but my back wouldn't straighten up all the way without causing more damage. I will be testing how much the NS helps in the next year, but have a feeling it's in for life! Just more junk in the trunk & why not I already have part of the tool box back there! Lmao!!

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