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T7-8 spasms pain and numbness in arm

Started by LindaBl on 02/25/2016 10:44am

I was properly dx with bi lateral dysplasia and lower lumbar foraminal stenosis in 2012. I suffered spasming in my spine a thoracic area and lumbar pain through my late 20s and 30s. At 43 I had good insurance so I went to a pain doc he told me it was mild arthritis and weak core. I worked with a trainer for 4 years until the pain in hip , sij, and lower lumbar non functional. My right hip was dislocated, cystal, and two labral tears. It was severely dysplastic and replaced in 2012 at age of47. 6 months later I had a decompression if s1 through 4/5. In 2015 I had the other hip replaced. I had to heal and I worked with pts, massage therapists, chiro, accupuncture etc. currently I have developed numbness into my hand and constant spasming in mid thoracic. I take gabapentin, Celebrex, and diazapem. I only take oxycodone when needed which is rare. I have been work with a fantastic group of pts. One released my scapular area and front pecs as well as there's major minor. She gave exercises to strengthen that area. Basically small holds it t formation, y formation , and a butterfly. I lie on stomach. I improved the numbness and weakness to arm. Chiro was able to release t12, t5 , but yesterday he said I have slight scoliosis of the t7-8 area. He said he can adjust this over time. I trust him Ashe has helped me walk again.:) today I see spine surgeon after a c MRI and emg test. Emg test says mild carpal tunnel. Since most of pain was in neck and shoulder I don't think they tested the thoracic areas. So my journey is not done. I work a lot at rotation because that was dysfunctional in my walking gate my whole life. I basically developed compensatory issues to walk and have mobility. My doc said I should have been I my late 20s for hips by got to 46? I guess I have high pain tolerance but now at 50 my memory is going and I am exhausted trying to stay functional. Anybody out there with similar issues I appreciate any strategies!! Thanks!

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