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RFA with no anesthetic

Started by Renee64 on 03/08/2016 8:41pm

Hi I'm new here. Finally have decided to have rfa for my horrific back pain. However my doctor does not give patients anything prior to help with anxiety (I am terrified) or any kind of pain control etc. I am so scared. I have read all of these posts saying they had versed or an IV etc. has anybody done this without anything? How was it? I just don't know if I can do this. But I'm so so tired of this pain controlling my life.

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I have RFA yearly. My doctor does sedate me completely before the procedure. I have had it done both ways and I prefer to be sedated. I'm already suffering pain so why would I chose to add to the pain. Dr. Luther Rollins off from Ashford Dunwoody in Sandy Springs, Ga. is fantastic. I went to several doctors before I found him. Some would tell me that I just had to live with the pain. Dr. Rollins told me the first time I went to see him that you don't get rewards for living with pain. I have had disc surgery and then a spinal fusion. Find a doctor that does sedate you for the procedure. The pain is terrible without sedation so why would you want to add to the pain you are already having to get relief. All doctors are not the same and you do have a choice. With mine the procedure usually last a year before I have to have it done again. Dr. Rollins also gives me Percocet that I can take as needed. Best of luck to you. Hope you find a good pain management doctor that cares about their patients When I am ready for another procedure Dr. Rollins will make sure that I am in within a week. I called yesterday and will have my procedure next week.