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C5 c6 fusion 2 weeks ago now having swelling burning headaches really stiff

Started by 101570821908953... on 07/23/2016 10:57am

I had c5 c6 fusion 2 weeks ago I'm not supposed to pick up anything over 5lbs well I had to pick my dog up off of me she weighs probably 13-15 lbs I always wear my hard collar but since then my neck has really hurt and swelling burning went down my neck all at once but hadn't done it since but my muscles are really tight could I have messed my bone fusion up?? I'm wearing my cervical stim and taking my vitamins can anyone give me any advise I don't go back to the doctor until another 4 weeks

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Have you tried acupuncture? If not, try going to an acupuncturist with a medical degree.
I have severe central canal stenosis C4-C5. I've been seeing an MD acupuncturist twice a week with excellent results.


If you're very concerned, call your surgeon's office and let them know what happened. You're only two weeks out from surgery, so it's way too soon to expect much recovery -- you'll likely have pretty severe muscle cramps, swelling and burning for a few more weeks regardless of your accident. When you call your surgeon's office, you should ask for a muscle relaxant! Get lots of rest and do some walking every day! Let us know how you're doing.