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paralysis in right arm before surgery

Started by Robertsrl on 10/09/2016 10:11am

6 months ago I had been having sever neck pain. I was going to raise my arms up, right arm didn't come up! Thought I'd had a stroke ! But no other symptoms with a stroke.I went to the ER the next day and had a CT scan and MRI . Reveled I had a sever nerve root compression on c4/c5 and spinal stenosis , bone spurs, arthritis, degenerative disc disease and bulging disc on c3/c4,c5/c6, c6/c7 ...c4/c5 was the only one causing any symptoms.
Me knowing this the hospital sent me to a local neurosurgeon. Reluctantly I went ( our local Dr.'s and hospital don't have the best reputation for good diagnosis ). The neurosurgeon said NOTHING about my neck or any problems with it , pushed his chair back and said I had brachialplexopthy . With several other frustrating questions. He said I needed to be on disability !He backed out of the room while I was still asking questions, I wanted to hurt him! with my good arm!
I came home and made another appointment in another state.for the next week. that Dr. initially said I needed multiple fusions but needed more tests to see which one or how many fusions to do. Completely lost faith in him after the other tests he said he didn't see anything that warranted surgery. Really!!! Who's MRI were you looking at the first time!
Went to another city in my state and found someone whom I had confidence in ! Finally after 5 months of tests and 3 opinions I finally had surgery on Aug 15.
Today Oct. 9 I'm in no pain! But haven't regained little to no use of my arm. I'm 7weeks out of surgery is anyone having success getting strength back? I've lifted weights for 25 years and believed it to be reason for my good health . I'm54 years old used to look 40.. not anymore! haven't lost faith in my Lord! He will bring me through it. Rick

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HI Rick,
We have similar stories. Would you be willing to talk off line. My e-mail is francarbin@gmail.com

I had surgery on Aug 3, my right arm is getting better slightly. Had ACDF c5c6c7.