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Lumbar fusion

Started by drivingtoad on 11/10/2016 7:31pm

Good evening. I'm new to boards like this so please bare with me some. For a long story short, the VA is recommending a l4 - s1 plif / tlif. I have an appointment on Nov 22 to discuss the procedure and to schedule the surgery. Can any tell me what I should except as far as recovery process, missed time for work. Any info woykd be great. Job wise, I am a vehicle appraiser, so there's a lot if time on my feet, bending, leaning over etc. Thank you again.

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Nine years ago, I had a lumbar fusion. L4 - L5. I had a week in the hospital with a morphine pump and oral pain meds. I remember bits and pieces of my stay. I remember trying to stand up on the day after and I didn't lift myself with my legs and it was rough. On the second try to raise off the bed, I used my legs and it was much easier. I took a short walk out of my room and to the nurse desk just outside my room. I was very proud of myself! Nurses on both sides with their arms holding mine, I had a successful first walk. While in the hospital, I had physical therapy that helped me stretch my legs--an exercise that helps the muscles, etc., not get so much scar tissue that tightens up the movement.
The ride home was painful because it was an hour from the hospital to our home. I remember feeling like I had metal poles in my mattress when I was lying down on it. On my first trip to the surgeon, for the second-week post op check up, we bought a new mattress. It was a memory foam and it really improved my comfort. I felt pain relief when I used my walker and took 5-10 minute little walks up and down my driveway. Don't overdo activity because it will flair up your pre-op pain. I walked too much on a couple of days and I had to take prednisone to get it under control.
I hope this gives you some of the detail you were looking for. I also hope you have a successful surgery and pain relief.