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Started by Qwiksting on 11/14/2016 6:57pm

Hello all, new to this forum as I was searching for some answers...post ACDF C5-C7. Before surgery I had alot of burning pain going down my right arm. I was farmed out to get an MRI and Pain management where I got a shot in my back for pain. I dont remember the name of it, but..after a day or so it felt alot better. Forward about 2 or 3 weeks, the pain and burning/tingling was back. I then was referred to a NS, who told me I was on my way to losing use of my arm unless....so I scheduled surgery. Surgery was 26 May 16. I wore a hard collar brace 24/7 for 4 months and also a bone stimulator. I wore the stimulator 6 to 8 hrs a day, although i was told by the NS 4 was enough. In the past couple months ...since end of september to now, I have had a steady progression of pain in my neck and around my shoulder blade. I thought maybe it was muscle related since I have been nursing everything and not lifting or doing anything silly. The pain has steadily gotten worse, not too bad in the morning (I still sleep with hard brace on) but as the day progresses into the afternoon it hurts and at nite, I feel like an old man, bent over. I went to the NS today for a follow up, and he told me that everything was still in place, but not enough bone growth on the back side of disc??? He also said he noticed the bottom screws were "rocked". I looked at the xray, and he enlarged it so that I could see the screws fom when I had it done back in May and now. The May xray looked like machine screws, fine pitch, but today looked more like a wood screw. He told me that I would need the "other" surgery on the back side to shore up my acdf. I think he may have said a rod??He also told me after my surgery that if this dont heal right I would have to get the other surgery and it was more painful as far as recovery.

Has anyone been through this? Sorry If I am not using the right terms or words. i am not that up on this stuff. Also if this means anything, when the xrays and mris were done, they told me I had a broken T1. NS asked me if I was in a car accident, and I told him no, I was blown against a concrete wall in Iraq, but didnt realize the extent of injury. I can take some pain, but this neck /back pain sucks. I was given loratab 7.5 after surgery, and now Tramadol. I cant tolerate tramadol, so I just take a goodies powder in the morning and evening.

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