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No fusion progress

Started by Heather520 on 04/03/2017 8:48am

I had ACDF surgery on C4-C5 that is still not fusing. It will be a year next month. I've been getting it checked every couple months & as of last week, there's still no progress. The doctor said my X-ray looks the same as it did the day I had the surgery & she has no idea how or why. I'm only 33 & the Dr said the only time she sees it like mine is in elderly patients or people with osteoporosis, which I don't have.
It's aggravating because until it starts fusing I'm still not allowed to lift anything, I can barely do anything at the gym, I can't take NSAIDs which sucks bc I had hip surgery in December & really need anti inflammatories some days.

Has anyone else has a fusion take this long or never actually fuse?

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Hi, Heather520--thank you for ... from SpineUniverse Team
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Hi, Heather520--thank you for taking the time to post. We can't imagine how frustrating it would be to undergo spine surgery and not have any progress a year later. If your spine surgeon is unsure why your ACDF hasn't been successful, perhaps it's time to take your imaging scans to a different spine specialist for a second opinion.

Many people feel like they are overstepping their bounds by consulting with a different spine surgeon, but that's not the case at all. You can read a bit about the benefits of getting a second opinion in this article ( Second Opinion on Spine Surgery: Rude or Smart? ).

Spine surgery typically has a lengthy recovery, but it's probably worthwhile to have another spine specialist review your case. We hope you get some answers and relief soon. Please keep us posted on how you're doing and what you learn!