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Advice needed

Started by angellisme on 04/22/2017 2:26pm

I was diagnosed with c5 and c6 disc and joint degerative disease. Just wondering, what would constitute going to the ER? All my pain previously was on the right side. Today it is on the left side. I have never had pain or any issues in my leg before and now I am. I am trying to decide if I should stick it out until Monday or go to the ER (we are celebrating my son's birthday today).

Has anyone had any positive results with physical therapy? I did do physical therapy twice last week. I don't know itmf that made everything worse.

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Hello, angellisme--thanks for your question. Did you end up going to ER? How are you feeling today?

Physical therapy is a common treatment for degenerative disc disease. You can read more about how it's used to reduce pain in this article ( Physical Therapy for Degenerative Disc Disease ). With that said, we think it's a good idea to discuss your new pain with your physical therapist. He or she might have answers on why you're experiencing pain--or perhaps your PT isn't related at all.

The new pain you're experiencing in your leg likely doesn't have anything to do with your cervical degenerative disc disease. It may mean you have a problem in your low back (lumbar spine), such as a herniated disc ( Lumbar Herniated Disc ). To know for sure, you should talk to your doctor about your new symptoms. He or she may order an imaging scan, such as an MRI, to know for sure if there is a disc problem cramping a nerve in your low back, which may the root cause of your leg pain.

Whatever is causing your pain, we hope you find out soon so you can get appropriate treatment and relief!