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Failed back surgery

Started by Tammy 66 on 07/13/2018 1:08pm

I had scoliosis surgery when I was 16, I am now 52' The titanium rod broke in two places which I was also told the rod would never break. I now have constant lower back pain along with nausea, headaches and leg cramps. The doctor told me I have a herniated, bulging and slipped disc along with pain down my right leg. My only option is,to have surgery to remove a portion of my lower spine along with a portion of the rod. They also said it would be 50/50 on walking again after surgery. Does anyone have any advice PLEASE!!!!!

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Hi, Tammy 66--thank you for your question. We are sorry to read about what you've been going through--your symptoms no doubt take an enormous toll on your quality of life.

The prospect of spine surgery--and the possible outcomes of that surgery--can be very unsettling. If you're unsure about undergoing the procedure, our best advice is to seek a second opinion from a different spine specialist. Spine surgery is a major operation, and getting a second opinion may illuminate other options or help you move forward with the surgery with more confidence.

We have some great information about second opinions to help you learn more:
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We also have a doctor finder tool if you'd like to search qualified specialists near you: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe...

There's no harm is getting a second opinion, and your doctor should welcome it. Again, undergoing spine surgery is a big decision--and getting a second opinion will help you feel more comfortable and confident about whatever treatment you choose. We hope this information helps, and we wish you the best!