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Stim Trial Tomorrow, 7-18-2018

Started by Sterling777 on 07/17/2018 2:37pm

Blew out a disc @ L3-4 at work 3 yrs ago. 8 months later, workman's comp finally approved a discectomy. I ended up w/ all the same pains PLUS a scalded sensation on my skin that began over my left buttock. This scalded skin sensation has, over the past 3 yrs, slowly enveloped both legs & feet. They say that I have failed back surgery syndrome now. They've also told me that I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back, as well as spinal stenosis. I'm a 48-yr-old female...if that matters.

I go in tomorrow morning for the initial spinal stimulator trial implant--just the leads, from what I've read. On the one hand, I'm hoping this works. But on the other...everything they've tried has made the pain worse--PT, steroid injections, acupuncture, traction... I've been taking neurontin & percocet for about 2 yrs now, which only takes the edge off, since the addicts have made it much more difficult for the doctors to prescribe a dosage that might actually work. But that's a different matter.

The doctor is shooting for a minimum of 50% relief with the stim trial. I guess I'm just wondering how many have actually had any success & how this procedure can make my situation worse--because Murphy's Law rules my life.

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