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Cervical Spinal Fusion Complications

Started by mlward on 09/29/2018 3:48am

I had a cervical bi-level spinal fusion in 2005 using an ACDF plate C5-7 due to lack of right arm mobility. I never had strength in my right arm. I was hired as a chemist in 2007 and I had to have production crews unscrew my sample lids because I couldn't turn the top. In 2012, I began to go downhill fast. I moved and lifted a lot of heavy stuff. I lost control of my legs and my arms were so weak, I couldn't even open zip lock bags. So in January of 2013, I had my second bi-level fusion using a Medtronic Peek Prevail with Mastergraft and bone marrow aspirate. I now have a constant snot ball lower in my esophagus. When I drink water it is really loud. I have only choked a couple times. When I travel in a car I get bad headaches. I had to really stay home as my face was twitching. One day driving on a very bad road the whole right side of my face tingled. I have deep pain in my right trapezia. Realizing that the screws used to hold the hardware in my neck are titanium alloy concerns me that metals are leaching into my tissues. Is this thickening of mucous from anti-bodies? Sometimes I have sharp pains shoot through my throat. I have deep bone pain. I do take an Omega product that helps with my headaches. I am looking for a hospital that specializes in this removal. I can't even kiss my husband or lay in his arms it causes such head and neck pain. Before getting on some natural powerful supplements, my neck was so weak I held my head up with my hands all the time. I couldn't even sit at a table to eat. I fell 15 feet in 1989 and I am not 49 with a thoracic and lumbar herniation. I have facet joint disease and used to not be able to walk. I had half the conduction down my left leg from radiculopathy. I had ligamentum flavum from L3-5. I have resolved a great amount of pain on two of the supplements that I take. So, do I just count my blessings and be glad for each day I am here. I have much more diagnosis; But, you don't want to hear it all.

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