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Epidural injection confusion

Started by Itsmelucy on 12/18/2018 3:33am

Hi. I’ve just had an epidural injection to relieve my bulging discs mainly L5/S1 on my LEFT side after weeks of excruciating pain down my front left thigh, hip and back. I’ve had CT scan and MRI pointing to Radiculopathy
My question is:
All the pain is on the left side only
The doctor injected my RIGHT side next to my spine and the pain shot through all of my right side, nothing felt on my left.
Can anyone clarify for me whether the doc may have got the wrong side?
They did do imaging but I’ve read that that just shows where the nerve is at the point to inject.
I’m so worried they’ve done the wrong side

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I had a series of epidurals while I was waiting to get approved for an MRI that took months... literally.... but when I had the epidurals... I never noticed anything.... no improvement in pain... and only my left side was killing me but the herniated disc was right in the middle (I had a laminectomy later). even the novacaine didn't lessen anything ever... after 6 separate epidurals .. and I didn't feel comfortable that they all seemed to be medical STUDENTS... and one fellow... but the last guy missed the mark and I was numb from the waste down.. like an old fashioned saddle block of the 50's.... the pain was still there however... I was 38 years old then.... and had surgery the day after my MRI.... I wasn't really walking by then and the pain was o excruciating... nothing touched it.... I was walking the day after surgery but almost exactly a year later... I ruptured a disc and had my second surgery.... now I'm a 63 year old woman and about 1 1/2 months ago it's starting again..... just had an MRI yesterday and I know this new doctor ( im in another state and worried about the caliber of doctors around here) has mentioned a series of epidurals... Im not going to agree to them I'm afraid I'll eventually be unable to walk and the pain is incredible right now... I wouldn't worry about the epidural feeling like it was hitting the other side. I'm not a doctor but I just remember the neurosurgeon telling me it was right in the center... even when it blew and it has only been painful on one side..... I hope the epidurals help.... they must for some people..... I'm in a state where unless your bone is sticking through your skin you're not getting pain meds... I just got off the phone with my primary and we'll see... the nerve pain is simply unbearable..... sorry for the ramble.... I only had surgery when I couldn't move and was screaming in pain... literally... both times and I'm hoping it won't come to that but I have degenerative disk disease and spurs everywhere...