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Spinal Fusion Take 2

Started by Nat511 on 12/18/2018 9:37am

On April 3, 2018 I had a L2-L3 fusion and L5 S1 Decompression. I had a dural tear leaking spinal fluid to contend with for two weeks post op, but otherwise my surgery was uneventful. We chose that route v doing a L2-S1 fusion to try to maintain my mobility. We hoped everything else would stay steady for another 10 years or so. At 12 weeks post op I went to Europe and walked up to 5 miles a day with no ill effects other than back soreness and some muscle spasms. I even had days I forgot all about my back, which hadn’t happened in 15 years.

2 months later all hell broke loose and I had the worst back pain of my life. I had radiating sciatic pain down both legs, groin numbness, foot numbness and spasms so strong I was in tears. This went on for two weeks before I saw my surgeon.

My new MRI shows a blown disc, bone cysts, bone rubbing on bone, retrolisthesis with L4 and L5 slipped to the back! This is all very extreme and very new. Fixing my upper lumber seemed to put so much pressure on my already compromised lower lumbar and it completely failed under that stress!

I’m doped up now on pain meds, muscle relaxers and prednisone. I have to say this cocktail has made me so much more comfortable, I even have gone for walks, ridden In the car for an hour and been able to tolerate meeting friends for lunch. However, I know it’s a bandaid and I’m now awaiting a full L2 - S1 Fusion with anchoring to my hip/pelvic for stability.

On Jan 3, exactly 9 months to the day, I’m headed back in for surgery. I. Excited, scared and very apprehensive how this long of a fusion will affect my mobility. I’d love any advice, pros and cons, and thoughts from anyone who has undergone this length fusion and what it’s like post op! TIA Nat

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