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Reherniated 23 days after surgery

Started by CheleC on 12/31/2018 3:30pm

I had an 11mm herniated disc at L5S1, on October 25th I had a Microdisectomy and lameotomy (spelling)
I felt fantastic until day 23, when I had a normal BM. No constipation, nothing abnormal, but as I was bearing down I heard and felt a pop and instantly had severe pain and cramping from my left shoulder blade to the tips of my toes.
The pain has not gone away. I went to my spine doctor and was told it was highly unlikely I reherniated it. I told them something was wrong and demanded another MRI.. 26 days later I got the MRI and it shows a herniation ,,
About a month before my surgery they sent me in for an epidural, unfortunately I cannot tolerate steroids due to having chronic Lyme disease, so they used a local instead of steroids., when they injected it I came off the table about 8in due to instant pain, pain that had me in hysterics unable to stop crying because it hurt so bad. This pain lasted 6 days and their “epidural “ did not relieve any of my pain.,
After finding out of the reherniation, they want me to
do another epidural this time with steroids!! I am scared to
Death about it.

Has anyone else had this type of reaction to an epidural more than once??

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