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Groin pain from L4-L5 any help very needed

Started by flierman on 01/03/2019 5:17am


in March 2018 i started to feel some small pain tender feeling in my right groin. It might have happened when I was pulled fast and hard by a ski lift but at that time I didn't feel any pain in groin or back.
This groin pain has grown and grown and now in january 2019 its is really a problem and pain is no also present on left side of groin but maybe only a little compared to right side. I have been examined for hernia and also done a MRI. What they have found is a disc herniation L4-L5 but it is not so big they will operate now.

I also have some Ischias on the right leg while driving or sitting, so Groin pain and Ischias right side. I have no pain in my back, just some tired feeling in the spine after being up during the day. The pain is like sharp and chronic..feels sometimes like burning and can move down the inside of thigh.

Has anyone got experience from groin pain from disc herniation? One physiotherapist thinks that Ischias is from the herniation and the groin pain is from the disc. The Ischias I can live with since it is just in certain positions. But the groin pain is always present during daytime and really makes my life hard. When I lay down the pain goes away almost to 90% and in the morning it is very low. Anyone got any thoughts about this and what to do? It is driving me insane.

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