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Strange complications after lumbar discectomy

Started by Mamakitti on 01/25/2019 12:22am

3 weeks ago the night before surgery I experienced my heart racing and couldn’t catch my breath for a minute. I mentioned it to the surgeon the next morning as I was scheduled for my lumbar discectomy. I am now 3 weeks post op. I have been experiencing since the 2nd day pulse ti nitus in my left ear and headaches and had 3 more episodes of my heart racing and shortness of breath. I went to the surgeon for my 3wk review and they suggested it to be middle ear and sent me home. I have since had the ear checked and it is definitely not a middle ear condition. I was told by the nurse line on my insurance to go to the er immediately. They checked a quick ekg which showed normal and did a ct scan with contrast of my brain. They found nothing and sent me home. I did not get told anything about my blood work. I just now got access to it and it is showing my mpv only slightly elevated at a 10.7. My bun was a 22. My bun/creatine was a 30.1. My bp was 125/69 at the er. I went to see my general doctor. My bp was 130/ 68 with a high pulse. My doctor bluntly told me she didn’t know why. I have never had a high bp I actually tend to run lower than normal. Since my general has no clue she basically prescribed me lopressor at a low dose and told me to keep check on my bp over the week to see if it helps the symptoms any. I just find it hard to be totally okay with that answer as I am not like astronically high or anything with my bp and I know my bp hasn’t stayed high as I’ve randomly checked it over the last three weeks at the stores and they were all normal all while still experiencing this pulsa tinnitus. I am so lost on what to do. My mom is worried for me as she is a rn and she just sent a patient with pulsa tinnitus being his only symptom to the hospital for 5 blockages! I am only 28 so I shouldn’t be having these problems ya know?

Personal background: I was diagnosed with l4-5 herinated disc, severe stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. It took almost 8 months to even get my doctors to do a mri and to get me to a neurologist. They once again made me do more physical therapy which I had been in already for 6 months and two epidural injections before finally doing the surgery. I am still having pain in my right hip and leg 3 weeks postop on top of everything. Also during this long journey of getting my back fixed they had sent me to a womens doctor and to a arthritis doctor as I have a high creactive proteins who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Also the womens doctor says I have a 8mm cyst and pcos.
I am currently prescribed Robaxin (could not take flexeril as I stayed aslee even on a pinch of one), voltaren for inflammation, metformin and birth control for the pcos, amitrypline for the fibromyalgia, and now a short term of loratabs after the surgery, and now the lopressor.

I am so sick and tired of being sick. I spent nearly two years in pain before they would even do anything besides physical therapy and ibuprofen 800! Can someone give me some kind of advice because total offense to my doctors unless I tell them where to check they hardly do anything for me and they already bluntly told me they didn’t know!

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