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Started by FKurty on 01/27/2019 2:34pm

Looking for some help/advice: C6-C7 ACDF surgery done November 21, 2018.

Back ground: In January 2018 I started to have shoulder pain, family physician recommened PT, after each PT session my pain and symptoms rated into my left arm and then I started to have numbness and pins and needles feeling in my thumb and index finger. Family physician scheudled EMG test where the Neurologist suggested I schedule and MRI. In March 2018, MRI was completed, the reported basically indicated that I had a severe herniated disc on the left side in addition to narrowing of the nerve passage. Recommendation was to see a Neurosurgeon.

I was able to see a Neurosurgeon in June of 2018, Neurosurgeon advised that since PT made my situation worst he strongly recommended ACDF surgery. I agreed to surgery. As I live in Canada and we have free health care I was put on the general waiting list for surgery.

Finally had C6-C7 ACDF with partial corpectomy on November 21st, 2018. Surgery went really well, I woke up with very little pain and hardly had any discomfort swallowing. Did not need to take any pain killers. My surgeon had me wear a neck brace for 8 weeks. At my 8 week follow up with my Neurosurgeon, x-rays where done, my Neurosurgeon said I was healing well and fusion started. He advised I can remove the neck brace and start slowly doing neck motion exercises.

So hear is where I am seeking help or advice: Since I had the surgery I've still have a lot of numbness and pins and needles feeling in my index finger and thumb, it comes and goes. In addition I have what feels like burning sensation that runs down my left arm. It also feels like my arm is weak but my family doctor says its not. Is this normal that I am having these sensations 10 weeks after surgery??? Or should I ask my Neurosurgeon to request another MRI, I am worried that the nerve isnt fully decompressed.

Any help would be appreciated

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