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Dramatic weakness but not much pain

Started by ScottWilliams2 on 01/28/2019 10:50am

I had a pinched nerve 4 months ago in neck with severe pain into right shoulder and down arm. Two rounds of prednisone took the pain away eventually (except for the stiff/achey neck I've had for 10-15yrs.) , but ever since I've been left with dramatic weakness in right pec and tricep. I've been lifting weights for 30+ years so I must define dramatic weakness for me: used to bench press 90-120lb dumbells now it's a struggle to do 45's. Same with tricep pushdown's: literally have the weight of my left arm and I'm right handed. I have done traction, PT, massage, TENS with no change in strength. I have had a MRI showing the main problem: C5-6 and C6-7 severe DDD with grade 1 retrolisthesis, disc bulge, severe left and mod. right foraminal narrowing. First orthopedic Dr. suggested ACDF (not having that), 2nd suggested 2 level ADR(Mobi-c) as did the neurosurgeon I saw.
Obviously with the muscle weakness has come atrophy of right pec and tricep and when I do try to engage the muscles with considerable less weight than I'm used to the muscles want to cramp. It seems the Dr.s suggest I have a good chance of regaining strength with ADR since the EMG test shows the nerve damage isn't severe/chronic. Some others I've heard gain their strength back eventually without surgery, but just by waiting 6-12months. Has others put off recommended surgery only to have to have it done eventually when pain and weakness return? Do I just have surgery done since I'm 45 years old and discs are only going to degrade with time?

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Hi. Did you proceed with the surgery and was the outcome, did you regain your strength? I have more or less the same, mri showed that problematic areas are c3 c4 and c4 c5 and i have a weakness on my left deltoid muscle. I live an active life and i don t want to lose that. Looking foarward to hear from you!