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Help me

Started by Wysinger on 02/08/2019 10:17am

I suffer from foraminal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, a bulging disc and compressed nerve also deal with sciatica. Most of my issues are around the L5S1 area and L4. my doctors have been giving me nerve block injections and steroid injections which seems to not help very much. I will be going next week to do radiofrequency ablation starting on the right side first. have anyone went through this? can anyone help me? the pain is so Severe that right now I am basically bed ridden. It’s even hard to get around on with a walker.

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I suffer from pretty much the same but in my neck. I have degenerative disc with stenosis and mild spinal cord compression. It Is opposite for me. Rest is miserable. I wake all night long to numb aching arms and hands. I am beginning to get more weakness on my legs and extreme clumsiness. Nothing really works except horribly strong drugs that make me stupid lol. I am seeing my surgeon next month and hoping I can get relief. I hope you can find some relief as well.


I just had it done yesterday. I also have degenerative disc disease and siatic pain and have to use a cane. I can't really tell you if it worked yet because it takes one to two weeks for the nerves to die. As of today I still have the siatic nerve pain. I have been dealing with this pain for about 9 months now. If I get any relief I will let you know.