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Advanced DDD L5-S1

Started by Bronson on 02/14/2019 12:51pm

Advanced DDD at L5-S1
3 years of chronic pain, however the last 2 weeks have been unbearable.
Strong pain killers dont help, excruciating pain, tingling, irritation, tightens in the tailbone area, inner buttocks, perineum, thighs,

3 MRIs show progressive disc space loss but reduced herniation. at L5-S1. Last one shows additional bulge at L4-L5

Anyone with the same condition?
- Have you found the injections helpful for this? Cortisone or Epidural, or nerve block, what should I ask for?
- Which pain killer helps?
-Do you think this is an acute phase? Its the second week now, getting worse, no sleep...Should I rest, wait it out? Laying doesn't help at all. Walked for 10 min and got into an unbearable pain....
- Anyone with fusion with similar condition / symptoms; did it help?

I wrote to Dr Corenman, spinal surgeon in Colorado; he notes injections may help and eventually LPIF (fusion)...


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