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Started by BCbabe on 02/24/2019 11:44pm

I have been suffering with chronic pain for over decade. In 2013 I had surgery to fix a severelynarroweddiscand had2boespurs cut off. I went five years with what I considered to be tolerable pain. A 2. I felt my surgery was a success. Last Christmas I woke up with a stiff neck and just thought I slept funny but It turned out the osteoarthritis has greatly progressed and I had a kyphotic curve in my neck. Off to the MRI and it shows in my C5 6 moderate stenosis and mild cord compression. I see my neurosurgeon next month. I have been doing alot of reading and seems like having this fixed now may be a good option. I'm trying to weigh the pros and the cons. Physio is useless and I dont see this getting better. Any one who's had the surgeryI would greatly appreciate the feedback. My pain 6 months ago was a 9. I was on 3200mg of gabapentin a day. Now my pain is a 6 and I am only taking Celebrex because I cant work on the Gaba. Its slowly getting worse. Weakness in my legs..somewhat clumsy walking at times...

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You're having weakness so if your dr says surgery is a go you should. I had years of pain from whiplash, the 15 years later at the age or 47 i had c5/6 fused and an artificial disc was placed at c7 in 2011. My pain has increased and I too am on gabapentin 2400 daily with muscle relaxants. My occipital nerve was damaged from all the years of damage without repair. I wish I had not required the surgery but my surgeon found major problems when he went in that did not show up on any of the MRIs or CTs or xrays. So now I am retired due to the disabling pain.