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Has anyone had this New type of Fusion Surgery?

Started by Bob K. on 04/12/2019 6:53pm

I don't know how new this is. I found a Doctor online who was doing dynamic fusion surgery where the torn discs are not removed and they use flexible rods instead of rigid ones and maybe none at all. Instead of removing the discs they cut or cauterize the sinuvertebral nerves that go into the the outer 3rd part of the disc. This way the nerves can't send the pain signals from the disc to the brain. Not removing the disc allows for a much greater recovery time and a successful surgery.

Unfortunately I lost everything on my computer and don't remember the name of the website. I only remember that it was in the search results when I search for dynamic fusion surgery. Now I can't find it in the search results. It's like it's been wiped fron the internet or it's being censored.

On a torn disc the nerve can grow into the nucleus of the disc and be a constant source of pain.

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Hi, Bob K — if you click on the Search magnifying glass above and enter: dynamic stabilization you will find a lot of info! Best of luck!


BonnieRae, Thanks but,
I searched all kinds of web sites but none mention severing the sinuvertebral nerves from where they enter the disc annulus. Common sense tells me that if the nerves a cut at the disc there would be no more disc pain. I told this to my neurosurgeon 2 years ago and he looked at me like I knew something that I wasn't supposed to know, so I researched it. I found a website and a doctor who had done over 2500 procedures(not sure what type though). It came up in the top 10 search results. Now it doesn't come up at all. If I remember correctly the doctor was some where in Illinois but I'm not positive about that

Flexible devices will only do so much if the sinuvertebral nerve still goes into the damaged disc. If you have multiple torn discs(3 or more) rigid fusion isn't an option because it will put all the strain on the smaller disc above them and it will then tear. The term this adjacent segment disease even though it isn't a disease.

Flexible rods and sever the sinuvertebral nerve while leaving the discs in are the way to go. I just can't find the website or any info on this procedure. No nerves to the disc, then NO disc pain. It doesn't matter if the nerve extends into the nucleus or not. The rods would only be used to help maintain disc height and for stenosis and might not even be needed on some people.