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5 days out of surgery l3-s1 fusion

Started by john waltz on 02/17/2020 5:11am

i have had 5 spinal fusion surgeries, 3 cervical and 2 lumbar. i am writing now about trying to cope with the pain of my last lumbar 3 level fusion from 5 days ago, needless to say the pain is incredible. the attending physician that discharged me yesterday sent me home with only 1 oxycodone 5/325 every 6 hours which is just about impossible to live with. i have been up 6 times last night with incredible pain and will call my neurosurgeon later today. i am not using a walker or brace my own choosing, i might regret that LOL as ususual having a pillow between my legs laying down is a must. walking as you know is baby steps. have numbness and severe pain in both theighs but right is very slowly getting less ( numbness) symptome were all left sided prior to surgery will add later but now need to lay back down.

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I hope you start feeling better real quick, John.


Not to be rude but from your picture if that is you you look like a heavier guy did your surgeon have a problem doing your surgery or ever deny you any surgery? I am having this problem now that's why I'm asking thanks.