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Ask the Community about Your Spinal Condition

williewack57's picture

spinal fusion L3-4 L4-5 S-1

Started by williewack57 on 03/06/2011 11:20am
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feed up's picture

Disscusted from pain managment doctor

Started by feed up on 05/19/2011 3:07pm
romuald's picture

Hands & fingers numbness & tingling

Started by romuald on 05/25/2011 11:42pm
Smudga's picture

Central L5-S1 Disc Herniation (quite long, sorry)

Started by Smudga on 06/11/2011 3:43am
blanca69's picture

Excrutiating Pain..Help

Started by blanca69 on 02/11/2011 10:06pm
701076191@facebook's picture

SCS Side effects

Started by 701076191@facebook on 06/10/2011 7:56pm
Chucky59's picture

Lumbar tears

Started by Chucky59 on 06/10/2011 12:23pm
1319027019@facebook's picture
arlie's picture

degenrative disks disease ... progressing ?

Started by arlie on 06/09/2011 11:49pm
griff8110's picture

pedicle subtaction osteotomy

Started by griff8110 on 06/09/2011 2:20pm
Spikemak's picture

Scoliosis Treatment without Surgery

Started by Spikemak on 06/08/2011 7:06pm
cherry's picture

Chronic Pain that never goes away

Started by cherry on 03/06/2010 10:47pm
1108257457@facebook's picture

Mild L4-L5 disc bulge without significant mass

Started by 1108257457@facebook on 06/07/2011 8:53pm
Jerry m.'s picture

Weakness - Numbness in feet, lower legs - Walking hard

Started by Jerry m. on 06/05/2011 9:36pm
Liz05's picture

Back and joint cracking.

Started by Liz05 on 06/04/2011 10:41pm
DaisyB's picture

What do I do,I'm so scared

Started by DaisyB on 04/01/2011 2:53pm
winfreys's picture

Neck pain from driving a new car: Help!

Started by winfreys on 03/23/2011 9:24am
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788036877@facebook's picture

Ligament Injury

Started by 788036877@facebook on 06/01/2011 6:06pm