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Severe pain (cervical?) but imaging shows nothing

Started by becc1183 on 03/05/2016 11:42pm
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Severe back pain and disc hernitaion

Started by adel hamdi on 03/02/2016 4:27am
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Started by 1locomotive on 02/01/2010 12:38am
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anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

Started by maggievalley1 on 01/21/2016 9:43pm
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New to the site and need advice

Started by pocono on 01/15/2016 3:51pm
1648603462046501@facebook's picture

Has anyone been diagnosed w Thoracic outlet syndrome?

Started by 164860346204650... on 01/14/2016 4:06pm
2000277566863559@facebook's picture

Protruding disc annular tears

Started by 200027756686355... on 01/04/2016 7:37pm
1069619829724030@facebook's picture

tratatamiento posoperatorio

Started by 106961982972403... on 11/02/2015 11:40pm
10200937745281494@facebook's picture

Eperderal injections andtrap injections/side effect bloat and/or distended stomach

Started by 102009377452814... on 12/04/2015 3:19am
1621427308108773@facebook's picture

I beg u plz help me.

Started by 162142730810877... on 09/25/2015 3:54pm
1074773962546442@facebook's picture

Spondylolisthesis grade 1 a few questions! (new here) please help

Started by 107477396254644... on 09/17/2015 8:07am
10206199274134617@facebook's picture

Repair of Annular Tear after discectomy

Started by 102061992741346... on 09/12/2015 2:05pm
10152990476206619@facebook's picture

Mobi -C

Started by 101529904762066... on 09/06/2015 7:56pm
783420001774588@facebook's picture

l5/S1 spinal fusion

Started by 783420001774588... on 07/12/2015 12:11pm
783420001774588@facebook's picture

l5/S1 spinal fusion

Started by 783420001774588... on 07/12/2015 12:17pm
mtorre's picture

Severe spinal stenosis at L-4/5-Question ????

Started by mtorre on 08/16/2014 9:31am
Strhuntrss's picture

Laminectomy L4-L5, Fusion, and leg pain

Started by Strhuntrss on 04/26/2015 10:19pm
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Cervical Disc Damage

Started by 100001464459004... on 03/06/2015 12:35am
1449612219@facebook's picture

Post op pain after cervical discotomy with titanium plate

Started by 1449612219@facebook on 11/25/2014 2:29am
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medication shortages causing havoc

Started by AZDee on 04/11/2014 1:21pm