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Top rated advice for Herniated Disc

ShelliBiggs's picture

Help Understanding an MRI

Started by ShelliBiggs on 01/03/2020 10:27am
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Pain for Lower Back

Started by csd50854 on 08/07/2019 5:29pm
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Cervical fusion

Started by dogluvr4life1968 on 06/25/2018 12:19pm
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I have had 4 back surgeries

Started by mtony on 02/19/2010 4:13pm
eddie's picture

low back pain

Started by eddie on 03/10/2010 10:36am
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Surgery Guidelines Laser vs Fusion

Started by finance10 on 03/26/2010 8:03pm
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Recommendation for a GOOD neurosurgeon in Knoxville TN

Started by demetriabeth on 04/20/2010 12:01am
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Started by Hussain on 05/05/2010 6:25am
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Mri help...aka can I skip surgery?

Started by logannamath on 05/30/2010 12:03am
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5 months post op L4-S1 fusion

Started by richard21040 on 06/15/2010 10:21am
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can you help me find an answer????

Started by ghop on 07/05/2010 9:51pm
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lumbar fusion surgery

Started by gray809 on 07/25/2010 6:16pm
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Many Herniated Discs

Started by PearlGarden on 08/16/2010 8:54pm
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R more MRI's okay, after fusion w/rods & screws

Started by Intlcamper on 09/09/2010 5:25am
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Started by wildbill38 on 09/28/2010 4:02pm
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You have to be your own advocate!

Started by cathee on 10/17/2010 1:04pm
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more pain after microdiscectomy

Started by dollypie on 11/05/2010 11:21am
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Up to how many artificial discs?

Started by AlexP on 11/28/2010 2:48pm
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A C D F C 5-7

Started by rikster33 on 01/02/2011 8:53am
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Harrington rod issues /1980/Dr. Kiem

Started by holly_waves on 01/19/2011 7:42pm