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Ask the Community about Pain Management

winston's picture

cauda equina syndrone

Started by winston on 08/02/2013 9:42am
Randy W's picture

Spinal Cord Stimulator

Started by Randy W on 07/28/2013 4:34am
100005250540465@facebook's picture

Will This Pain Ever Go Away?

Started by RaeRae Llanas on 07/24/2013 12:14pm
Joeybobbie's picture

Pain Pump

Started by Joeybobbie on 01/25/2011 7:47pm
ucfstudent's picture

Advice, For a college student

Started by ucfstudent on 04/18/2012 8:32pm
jorenee11's picture

Finding the right Pain Dr./ meds. that work

Started by jorenee11 on 05/12/2010 3:32am
biff's picture

prolotherapy injections

Started by biff on 02/14/2011 6:53am
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616790214@facebook's picture

T11-L3 spinal fusion

Started by 616790214@facebook on 06/18/2012 2:26am
100000579921236@facebook's picture

i need advice bad

Started by 100000579921236... on 04/26/2012 12:18pm
dodtag1959's picture

understanding my mri

Started by dodtag1959 on 05/09/2012 3:10pm
1337404548@facebook's picture

L6 + new joint with a lot of pain

Started by 1337404548@facebook on 06/05/2012 8:32pm
100000158136043@facebook's picture

Back Spasms anyone had good results from Baclfen injections or......

Started by 100000158136043... on 06/15/2012 5:50pm
1255392780@facebook's picture

Increased pain with Epidural Injections

Started by 1255392780@facebook on 04/26/2012 11:08pm
Bad Luck Becky's picture

VERY recent, RAPIDLY progressing SCOLIOSIS!!! HELP!

Started by Bad Luck Becky on 07/25/2012 11:03pm
sshellenberger's picture

POST L5-S1 Fusion Nerve Impingement by Bone

Started by sshellenberger on 08/07/2012 2:04pm
RepeatHerniation's picture

Herniated discs , need some advice!

Started by RepeatHerniation on 09/06/2012 4:13pm
rene's picture
gotcher's picture

si joint dysfunction

Started by gotcher on 08/02/2011 11:34am
Dana H A's picture

Burning and stabbing pain at incision site

Started by Dana H A on 10/10/2012 4:37pm