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Ask the Community about Physical Therapy

hare's picture

pain after spinal fusion surgery

Started by hare on 12/31/2015 4:59am
473087622877561@facebook's picture

Cervical myabpthy surgery c5 - c6 laminectomy

Started by 473087622877561... on 12/25/2015 1:42pm
buckhog's picture

adr german surgery

Started by buckhog on 12/21/2015 10:32pm
1069619829724030@facebook's picture

tratatamiento posoperatorio

Started by 106961982972403... on 11/02/2015 11:40pm
carmen14's picture

Degenerative Disc Desease and Artificial Disc Replacement

Started by carmen14 on 01/29/2010 10:37am
lclause66's picture

Back L5S1 Broken Hardware

Started by lclause66 on 11/10/2015 11:17am
452425361608471@facebook's picture

back pain

Started by 452425361608471... on 10/24/2015 1:23am
1416071164@facebook's picture

Post L5 S1 surgery, PT comment

Started by 1416071164@facebook on 07/12/2014 7:31pm
jdevrien's picture

Considering first surgery, severe lack of lumbar stamina L4/L5

Started by jdevrien on 09/23/2015 10:35pm
drummer1's picture

Needing advice with discs and muscles

Started by drummer1 on 09/23/2015 11:21am
mbabu48's picture

Treatment for spondylolisthesis

Started by mbabu48 on 09/19/2015 12:50am
burry77's picture

5 level lumbar fusion

Started by burry77 on 04/01/2011 11:33pm
1074773962546442@facebook's picture

Spondylolisthesis grade 1 a few questions! (new here) please help

Started by 107477396254644... on 09/17/2015 8:07am
10207955708677422@facebook's picture

Neck, Back pain,Shoulder, back of head pain, On Rt Side

Started by 102079557086774... on 08/28/2015 5:17pm
Magnus's picture

Jaw Whiplash?

Started by Magnus on 09/11/2015 10:11am
10206199274134617@facebook's picture

Repair of Annular Tear after discectomy

Started by 102061992741346... on 09/12/2015 2:05pm
tracy64's picture

9 months post-ACDF**too much pain!

Started by tracy64 on 02/24/2011 11:15am
Emin's picture

Compressive deformity L2

Started by Emin on 09/10/2015 8:07am
10206676855256412@facebook's picture

Burning in foot

Started by 102066768552564... on 08/12/2015 1:39am
Darlina's picture

Spinal stenosis nerve pain

Started by Darlina on 07/20/2015 10:16am