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Ask the Community about Sciatica

Zhao Yun's picture

Spina Bifida and Sciatica - The quest for help!

Started by Zhao Yun on 07/18/2016 1:20pm
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Spine Stimulator

Started by tlindsey on 07/13/2016 3:59pm
1122983891055109@facebook's picture

Back Stiffness along with alternate leg weakness

Started by 112298389105510... on 07/10/2016 10:45pm
914406492760@facebook's picture

Not sure if I should have surgery

Started by 914406492760@fa... on 06/22/2016 3:09pm
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Insomnia - back pain driving me bonkerz

Started by Tostada on 07/02/2016 3:15am
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Started by 156541490042845... on 06/29/2016 6:37pm
1353691056@facebook's picture

Harrington Rod surgery 1986/post op issues

Started by 1353691056@facebook on 10/05/2012 9:54pm
Sheila j's picture

Spinal stenosis

Started by Sheila j on 06/16/2016 10:32am
10206611515554855@facebook's picture

lower back surgery

Started by 102066115155548... on 06/06/2016 1:11pm
1695Fluffy's picture

disc injury

Started by 1695Fluffy on 06/01/2016 4:28am
10207656074612818@facebook's picture

Re: Mri report I'm baffled can anybody help !please!

Started by 102076560746128... on 05/30/2016 10:13am
10208236245136046@facebook's picture

Protrusion para central L5 impinging nerve root

Started by 102082362451360... on 05/30/2016 9:47am
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Help! Now what?

Started by hoskins93 on 05/18/2016 5:50am
hoskins93's picture

Help! Now what?

Started by hoskins93 on 05/18/2016 5:50am
navyvet8092's picture

back surgery

Started by navyvet8092 on 05/12/2016 7:45pm
1009611639074588@facebook's picture

Pain 5 years post surgery

Started by 100961163907458... on 05/10/2016 6:59pm
ivorygirl's picture

Fusion L4 L5 S1 hip graft

Started by ivorygirl on 05/01/2016 9:55pm
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Plantar Fascitis or Foot/Heel Pain from Sciatica & Lower Back

Started by victoriag on 05/01/2016 12:12pm